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Marlins World Series 2003 DVD


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oh, thanx for reminding me. at the beginning of the postseason i signed up for some mlb.tv-like nonsense where they give me the postseason games for free if i do a free trial of SI...


the vids run like crap on my comp though (might be my vid card), like 0.5 frames per second (no joke)

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The 97 tape was absolutely awsome, exciting all 250 times ive watched it, this one should be 1000 times as sweet.

indeed. i totally agree. im watchin the 97 one now as i type.


near the end of game 6 where chad ogea got them hits lol. i am totally lookin forward to this yrs DVD/Tape for some reason im lookin forward to lookin back at the cub series more lol


but of course the best part is the culmination of the DS and LCS into a WS championship. the cub series is just the whipped cream while the WS is the cherry on top.


mmmm cherry.... :D

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I will have to ask Santa Claus for the DVD :lol


I have gotten the World Series DVDs now the past two years, starting in 2001 when my hometown Diamondbacks rattled the $*** out of the Yankees, then last year when the Angels beat the Giants, and now I'll definitely have to add this one to the collection :D :rolleyes: :thumbup :w00t


And the Yankees said they were gonna have a FISH FRY... :lol :lol :lol :lol NOT!!! The ONLY thing those suckas are gonna have is a FIRE SALE!!!

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