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NEED SP Help me pick


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Right now my rotation blows from pure bad luck (Oswalt, Verlander, and Lackey are my top three studs, supposedly)


I have Kuroda, Penny, Maine and Saunders as well.


I want to drop Victorino's sorry @$$.


Who should I take. Also remember i play in head-to-head points where I get rewarded for QS so don't think strike-out pitchers have a super advantage,


Jake Westbrook

Cliff Lee




Dana Eveland

Edwin Jackson

Gavin Flloyd


Looper Germano




Boof Bonser



These are about the big top names on the FA list. I am leaning oward Jackson mainly do to the fact that he was once considered the top pitching prospect in the game at one point, like during 04. The way he is pitching might show signs of a great season hopefully.



Pitching points calculations

Innings Pitched (IP) 3

Walks Issued (BB) -1

Earned Runs (ER) -2

Strikeouts (K) 1

Balks (B) -2

Losses (L) -5

Blown Saves (BS) -2

Quality Starts (QS) 3

No Hitters (NH) 20

Hits Allowed (H) -1

Hit Batsmen (HB) -1

Home Runs Allowed (HRA) -2

Wild Pitches (WP) -1

Wins (W) 10

Saves (SV) 5

Complete Games (CG) 2

Shutouts (SO) 3

Perfect Games (PG) 30

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