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Rockies and Pads in the 17th!


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What a rediculous game. I went to the Ale House earlier with some friends, was watching the game in the bot 14th, bases loaded, one out...and the damn place turned all the TVs off. I was super bummed...and then I get home to see that it's still going!


Man, these Rox vs Pads games are ridiculous.

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I saw the game scroll by on the ESPN ticker when it was in the 14th inning and said to myself it would be over in a couple minutes. Saw it scroll by just now and couldn't believe it.


Rockies announcers seem tired out of their minds.

Yeah, the Pads announcers do as well. They showed one of their camera men napping between the 21st, and their postgame guys sleeping on their desk.

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