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Marlins going golfing


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Us folks over at RedsZone have been keeping track of the Reds using a Golf Scorecard formula. Basically, its breaking the season up by 18 which figures every 9 games.


We figure a 5-4 record every 9 games will get you about "par". Keep it under 72 losses and it gets you in the playoffs.


So if that makes sense to you, i put together a little page that has the Marlins record/golf scorecard thus far.


Check it out


Marlins Golf Scorecard


Tell me what you think...

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neat, i guess. any point to this?


It puts the season in a more contexual view rather than game by game. losing three in a row wont look so bad in the overall scheme of things.


I just find it much more interesting of a method to track a teams progress.

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