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4/22 -- Marlins @ Pirates


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We need to finish off a mini-sweep and take advantage of a struggling ballclub. It's about time for Nolasco to have a quality start.


This would be THE PERFECT time for Nolasco to get a good outing in. A struggling ball club faces a pitcher who hasn't really proven himself. Coming in, he should feel confident that he would get a lot of run support, especially since the Fish are facing a winless pitcher thus far. I say Nolasco wins today and builds that confidence to carry him into his next start and things begin to fall in place after tonight and into the series with the Braves. It would also be nice to see Uggla get in some nice cuts today and continue coming out of the slump. And just for dramatic purposes, I want to see Hanley's bat come alive... AGAIN! It would be nice for Hermida and Ross to pick it up but definitely not imperative.


P.S. Apparently, Danny boy started hitting when he stole Andino's bat: http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/news;_ylt=Apm1...ype=team_report


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will the game be broadcast on mlb.tv??

im looking at mlb tv fot the monthly so i can watch tonight and friday. is it just my coomputer or is it very like choppy

as long as you have a good internet connection, the video is pretty good - not as good as tv, but serviceable.



does it matter if its the premium or the regular or are they the same and would the 2 games this week be on it

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