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Looks like your boy had a rude introduction to the PCL last night...7 k's was encouraging.


Hopefully he'll rebound next time out.




Wanna bet he does much better on the road. I talked to a Scout who said pitching in Albuquerque is like pitching in outer space. Dallas himself was told that those two homeruns would have been flyouts in 95% of the other parks.

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to answer the question...

the air is similar to Denver in Albuquerque (mile high), so the balls fly and ERA sucks!


I have not been in the stadium, but really all summer the heat is relativly dry, so 100 degrees feels lik 85-90 in Miami. The sun is extremely bright, but the temps are not that bad since it is the high desert...I recommend you go out there, I fell in love with the town last year.

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