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Anyone still up watching San Jose-Dallas?


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This game is just unreal. Tied at 1-1, going into the FOURTH overtime period.


It's been a pretty intense OT session. Back and forth, great saves on both ends of the ice...just amazing to watch.


Playoff hockey is the best. I'm so glad I don't have to go to work today...

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well, just thought i had. i been to shoot out games and they fun to watch. more exciting then bnch of ot's without goal


There is way more intensity in having 2-3-4 sudden death OTs...


The players are getting tired and the margin of error is incredibly small, you never know when/how the game will end


Besides, there's too much playoff history to change it to a shootout

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i i guess ur right, but it wont surprise me if one day it happens. nhl make alot of changes alot lately. jerseys. ot/shoot outs. plus more.


The reason they added the shoot out was because nobody watched regular season hockey, people were tired of ties. In playoff hockey, there is no such thing as a tie, so, I don't think it'll ever be changed.


As for the rules changes, those were to increase the pace of the game, which was another reason the average fan kinda didn't like it... having icing calls every 5 minutes really slows down the game. Jerseys just change at the whim of the FO... IMO, they shouldn't have changed the Ducks jerseys at the very least...

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