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Silly Loss: 5/12 Thoughts

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I have no problem losing games when the other team was better. However, I do have a problem losing games when we were better. There was no reason for us to lose this game. We were the better team today, and then blew it.


Cantu and Burdenhop caused them 2 runs. No reason Tank should have been pitching either. All around, everyone did their part to blow this game.

It really sucks to lose as a result of being stupid.


ps I would have liked to see Ross get the start today being that we are playing in a HR park and that he?s been a little hot lately and Amezaga?s been struggling. Also, Treanor should have gotten the start.


Again, I have no problem with this streak ending naturally. But this loss was not natural, it was an abortion of our streak.


Btw... Dusty Baker is the worst manager in the history of baseball.

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The offense is still there we just need to avoid giving up over 3 runs each game


Badenhop pitched well, 3 ER. It really is... without a doubt, Tank's fault, but ultimately Freddi Gonzalez for letting him pitch in the first place, and then letting him pitch after a 2-run homer in a 2 run game, and then letting him pitch again in a 4 run game after another 2 run homer...

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Meh. Tank should have been taken out when he gave up the first 2-run HR. He wasn't throwing strikes or getting ahead. He was struggling and has been struggling lately. Why Fredi kept him in is beyond me.


Oh well. Start a new streak tomorrow.

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Gotta clean up the defense. Cantu, Gonzo, passed ball...




And I don't agree with leaving Tank in just because Votto's on deck. Tank's already getting crushed by lefties this year, and Brandon Phillips is murdering lefthanded pitching. Hello?



Can't win 'em all. Badenhop did okay I guess. Going into the 5th he was really cruising.

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Losses happen. Luckily, they haven't happened very often so far.


Exactly :thumbup


We coulda won, we didn't. Every team loses games like this. As for Tank he knows he's not pitching well and also knows the best thing that happened to him last season was going down and getting his act together. He said so just the other day himself. I suspect it's been on his mind for a while. If it happens history says it will turn out for the best.


I thought Rabelo's passed ball (yeah yeah I know it was a wild pitch but that why God gave catchers bodies) was the real back-breaker. Cantu's was so bad it was almost excusable, from the split second you saw the ball leave his hand you knew it was a goner. But Rabelo should have not let that pitch by him. I could second guess Fredi and say he should of had Alfredo squeeze with the bases loaded (especially after seeing how slow the infield plays and the infielders all playing back to get the third out) but damn we have or had the best winning % in baseball so dumping of Fredi (and Tosca) is the wrong place to lay the blame.


That why there's a game tomorrow.

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