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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly:Game 7


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The Good:

Mark Redman

Juan Pierre

Luis Castillo

The Pen


The Bad:

everyone but those above


The Ugly:

16 LOB- unacceptable


we need to win tomorrow and get out of this funk..... AJ is our Ace and Stopper.... he needs to prove it tomorrow

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The bad: 11 men left on base by Lowell and Lee.


Think more teams are going to start walking Pudge? :angry

Pudge strikes fear in teams (like Bonds).. IMO, I would like to see Encarnacion bat 3rd, then Pudge clean up.. this would help Encarnacion as he would see more fastballs and/or hitable pitches. Then Pudge can "clean up" (get it? lol).

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God we had our chances. I was there and it wasn't so much that they won as we lost. Every hard ball we hit was to center field, a split second sooner or later and the score would have been 11-4.

The one thing about these guys that's infuriating to watch is their obession with first pitch hitting. DAMN!!! The strikeouts are down but the first pitch swinging continues. It also didn't help having the pitcher leading off innings two or three times. Talk about a killer. Grrrr.


I didn't think Redman looked THAT good, he looked like what he is, a four or five major league pitcher. A big improvement over Julian Tavares that's for sure.


Luis is obviously hurting. Juam Pierre is unbelievable! What a great signing. When he and Luis get in sync there are truly going to be terrifying. The best part of the entire game was watching Leiter meltdown with Juan Pierre on second base and trying to get to third.


Sometimes after games like this I have to wonder if Torborg and this staff are getting anywhere near enough out of this team? The Mets look so bad it's almost undescribable, they are going absolutely nowehere with these guys - and we lost to them !

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AJ needs to bring home a win tonight!!!

Fish need a win to stay close to the other NL Teams and to stay confident in what they could do this season!!


Let's admit it: the begining of the season is definetely worse than any of us had planned.

Maybe we had dreamt too much but this team is playing so bad!!

Do you think that this is the real Marlins value??

Hope not!!





PS Tonight my soccer team, Inter Milan, is playing the 1st leg of the European Champions League quarter finals playoff against the Spanish team Valencia!!!

Hope in a double win tonight!!! AJ and Inter!!

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who is on inter milan these days???



any 'household names'???




and as far as the marlins....redman looked good last night from what i can tell...take away that bad pitch...but thats baseball.




if the runners left on is a thing that happens occassionally i am not worried...that happens.



if it becomes a trend, then some lynching needs to occur.

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i was there and it was painful, frustrating to watch it happen. i guess one good thing to point is that by the 5th inning leiter was goin through the line-up for the 3rd time, so we made him work, that's always a positive. Lee played alright except for that error. he hit the ball so hard in the 9th that he had everybody up in their feet, but he hit it to the deepst part of the park. A few balls were hit there, not only by lee. Redman is the man, the guy has so much compusure out there, he's a joy to watch. I'm still excited about the possibilities of this team, the talent is there.

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