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Waiver Trade


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Teams can place up to seven players on waivers a day.


If the player goes unclaimed through both leagues, the team is free to trade him.


Teams can claim players off waivers from worst to first in that League first, then the other league (so an NL player is offered to the NL teams first then the AL)


If the player is claimed with in 47 1/2 hours from the time he is put on waivers, then the team has 47 1/2 hours to trade him to the team that claims him, let him go to the team that claims him and that team will pay the contract, or remove him from waivers and keep him

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Any player can be put on waivers by his team, and the player does not need to be informed.


Other teams have the chance to make a claim on the player during a 47 hour window.


If the player is claimed, the team that placed him on waivers has the option of pulling him back. If the team pulls him back they can't trade him for 30 days.


If his team decides not to pull him back:


Option 1: His team can work out a trade with the team that claimed him. Any player involved in the trade who is on a 40 man roster must go through waivers first.


Option 2: His team can just dump him and his salary on the team that claimed him, getting no player in return.


Option 3: No one claims him, and his team is free to trade him to any team.


If more than one team places a claim on a player, the winning claim is awarded based on worst record or the league the claiming team is in.


Makes sense? I'm sure I'll be writing a lot this month about waiver trade possibilities.


I found this, hope its helpful.

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So if a trade is agreed upon after the trade deadline, is there some sort of "gentleman's agreement" type of thing so that the agreed upon players clear waivers?


Something like that, third party teams wont interfere unless the player on waivers really catches their eye.

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minor league players do not have to clear waivers


The whole gentleman's agreement thing is bulls**t though... for example: if the red sox's are going to acquire someone from waivers and the yankees have a higher claim, they could put out a claim to block them and worst case they just eat that players contract (they did this with jose canseco once)

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