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Addai for Gore and Chad Johnson?


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I was offered Chad Johnson and Frank gore for Addai. I pretty much have my finger on the button.


I think Gore can have a better season, He lead Addai in Rushing and Receing Yards, but only had 7 touch downs (5 Rushing, 2 Receiving)


I know Addai can be consistant because of the offense of the colts and how defenses don't want to be beat in the air. At the same time Gore will be the centerpeice of the offense for the 49'ers (Honestly what kind of air game do they have) but I fear he is no LT who can take advantage of such a thing.


At the same time, getting Chad Johnson really solidifies my wide receiving slots.


Right now I have Wayne, Colstone and Bowe. My Running backs are Addai and Thomas Jones. Should I pull the trigger?

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Its a tough call, IMO Addai hasnt peaked yet. i think he is more than capable of putting up numbers comparable to Westbrook's, in terms of yardage. Combine that with the 15 touchdowns he is more than likey gonna score, and you got yourself a definitive #1 back. Gore? I like him too but with that offense and the fact that CJ is on the outs with the Bengals and i dont think even think they know whats going to happen with him. I'd say stick with Addai.

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