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8/30/08 Mets vs. Marlins

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Florida Marlins(68-67)





New York Mess(75-60)



Ricky Nolasco


3.62 E.R.A.





Mike Pelfrey


3.70 E.R.A.


Start: 7:10 P.M.


Radio: 790 The Ticket, WQBA 1140


I'll be at the game so they should win they win every time i go to super saturday and they lose friday lol. lets at least hope for winning season like brew crew last year and if we do what they did this year next year it's gunna be sweet. i am a die hard fan so i haven't lost faith yet! as long as gregg is OUT


Let's go fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still believe, do you? :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :bases_homerun: :bases_homerun: :bases_homerun: :bases_homerun:

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I still believe, do you?



Getting harder and harder to believe in this team.


If we dont win these next two i think i might be done believin. The way our offense tried to come back last night made me proud and told they still have some life. If we just keep gregg's sorry ass out of the game we will be fine hopefully.

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Why is Hermida hitting 2nd, again?



because Fredi is too lazy to actually think "outside the box" and mix up the lineup to benefit us. Instead of think of where Luis Gonzalez best fits this team in the lineup when he plays, he just takes the lazy way out and just uses him where Hermida bats, that way he doesn't have to use his brain

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