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Election Day tracking thread


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I just got home from the polls. The wait was about half an hour. The line was immensely long but it moved right along, thankfully! I am feeling very poorly today so I'm glad it wasn't too bad.


We are using paper ballots here. Fun. I voted a straight Democratic ticket for the first time.

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Any new updates

MSNBC has Obama up 538 Electoral votes to 0 (based on scientific exit polling) :whistle

Fox News is reporting that Democrats vote tomorrow.




I've heard conservatives passing this joke around on the internet. Desperate pricks.

No, not seriously.


Oh, ok. Wouldn't have put it past that op-ed of a network.

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I faxed in my absentee vote last week, so hopefully Broward county didn't screw it up.


Also, just a little fun fact, there's a couple cities in Japan named Obama, so a bunch of foreigners are gathering there to celebrate the election and a possible Obama win. I'm nowhere near them, so whatever, but still sounds fun. Just thought I'd share that tidbit with you all.

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Rick Sanchez is getting owned right now by Joe the Plumber. Can't wait till it's on youtube...Sanchez is such a f***ing idiot, go back on channel 7 and report on celebrities,douche.

Here it is..


a plumber outsmarting Sanchez, why I'm not surprised

I'm not surprised either, I won't forget seeing Rick 'Dirty' Sanchez on local South Florida TV.

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