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So here's a mini news blast for you


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I just don't have a bead on what Beinfest is up to. Maybe he was talking up Amezaga to make him more attractive.


He doesn't need to talk up Amezaga, he's the most asked about player in trade talks and has been for several seasons. Everyone wants him on their bench.


As for trading the guy if they are serious about contending they aren't going to trade AA, a known commodity, for an untested and unproven one (and that's not a knock on Bonifacio), or at least that's how I see it. Every move they've made so far is to get better in 2009, even the Olsen/Willingham move although some/most won't agree.


AA sticks as long as they are contending is my guess.

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I'll probably be the only person here to say that I don't think Bonifacio actually starting in RF would be the worst thing in the world. Yes, he would obviously be an offensive downgrade with the bat unless he made some huge strides, but he also could potentially also give us much better defense. And while of course it is nice to have big bats at every position on the field, considering that we already have 2 great hitters in the middle of our IF, will likely also have very good hitters at the IF's corners, a good hitting C and a good hitting CF, we could conceivably take the hit offensively if it sures things up defensively.


Again, I'm not saying I want it to go down exactly this way, but it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. You can't have (and don't need) a silver slugger at every position.

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Another nice night by Bonifacio 2-4 with a double, no strikeouts, his average is up to .327, his OBP in the .400s.


Totally trivial and inconsequential but what else is there to talk about? :crying


We need real baseball again...


At least when our players are on the field, i realize that they aren't getting traded in that moment.

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