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WDW Space Mountain closing for refurb


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Since there's a few WDW fans around here, here's a big item of news. Found out today over at WDWMagic that the long planned refurbishment for our Space Mountain finally has a start date: SM closes on Sunday April 19, 2009. The time period for reopening is late 2009, but there is no concrete date set yet on when SM will reopen. There's no set details on what exactly will be happening, but there's some rumors that our Mountain will be getting a complete overhaul like what happened at Disneyland: completely rebuilt track, new cars, new speaker system, and other assorted goodies.


I hope it turns out we get the complete overhaul; the track now is quire bumpy and rough, IMO.

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It's been long over due (the rehab). From what I have been reading about the rehab on disboards.com, they are thinking of making WDW Space Mountain like Disneylands and bringing back the two-seater cars. I'm curious to know if they would add different music options in order to compete with the Universal IOA Rollercoaster that is opening up in the Spring/Summer

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Here's hoping for a Rock'N Rollercoaster feel.



actually hoping they make a kind of ride like the one that they have in Disney Quest, where you get a card in which you design your own roller coaster, then you use that card to ride your design. Would seem like a great idea for Disney to get out of Disney Quest and put into Magic Kingdom

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Splash Mountain is my favorite mountain. :)


Did you have a good time at the World, Das? Haha, I can't imagine you pin trading. I tried to get into it, but never did much. I still have my pins though.




i did.



seems like i got a fairly nice pin of the malestrom fast pass.



on ebay i saw one going for 35 bucks. not bad for a horrible ride :lol



i need to go look at all my old pins from back in 2000. my friend i was with said he saw a rockateer one that was old and he looked on ebay and it was going for 25 bucks. that was before i learned they were worth something and not just fun.






i bought an entire limited edition set that i think just came out too.

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On my trip to WDW last year, I was looking at the pins in Uptown Jewelers on Main Street, when two small children from England (about 7-8 years old each) asked if they could take a look at what I had on my lanyard. They had no pins of their own, and were quite fascinated by the pins I had.


You should have seen the looks on the faces on those two kids when I let them each pick a pin to keep for themselves. They were just thrilled that I gave them each a pin of their own; it absolutely made their day. Their parents were happy that I did this for their kids.


Even the Cast Member working the pin counter took notice of what I did for those two children, and he gave me a special pin that only the Cast Members are permitted to give out.


Just doing my part to spread some of the magic around.



I have two shadowboxes full of pins; one is the complete 35 Magical Memories set from 2006, and a second with a collection of about 40 pins (Opening Day Expedition Everest, some Epcot Figment pins, my pins from the Undiscovered Future World and Keys to the Kingdom tours, and two YOAMD pins from the Dream Squad, to name a few).

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Jmenjes, that is such a cute story. Kudos to you for keeping the magic alive!


Das, did you go to all parks?



I did 6 parks in 6 days pretty much not what I wanted to do, as I couldnt go 'exploring', but whatever.



Jan 1 - Jan 6:


Islands of Adventure



Animal Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

MG..Hollywood Studios


Also did Epcot on New Year's Eve, along with Magic Kingdom after Animal Kingdom and after Hollywood Studios on the days we went.



I liked Everest and Space a lot. I was the only one in my group on team orange, the rest had to wait for me, bastards went to Innovations so I never got to go there.

Soarin was also really cool.


Philharmagic was also really neat. I think that was all of the new things. Oh ya Toy Story was just plain fun.


If you want my observations on Universal, let me know.

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Yea, Soarin is amazing, but they need to change it up. I have seen the same video so many times. Did you go on Mission: Space?


Tell me about Universal. I like going there too.



It was the first time I had done Soarin' so the video was cool for me. :lol Though if they randomized it and flew you over Dodger Stadium or something that would be really cool.


ya i did space. I was the only one on team orange. I have no clue what hte other side is like, nor do i care. :lol




Universal I thought was alright. It wasnt as 'clean' and the food wasnt as good.



at islands of adventure I liked the following:



the sinbad show was cool. we were joking it was going to be about a black comedian before it started.

i wanted to do dueling dragons but nobody else did and i didnt want to wait an hour by myself in line.

i didnt like cat in the hat, but i'm also not a fan of dr suess by and large anyway. I also didnt ride the Hulk ride.


What the hell did I do in my entire day in the park (oh ya, we didnt get there til after noon) I really dont remember much about this day. Spraying kids on the water ride when we were looking over in some kid play area was fun though.


at universal


simpsons fun.

shrek was cool

mummy was fun

the makeup show was funny

why is et still there? I hated the movie. I hated the ride last time I was there. I hated the ride this time. Mostly cause I hate ET.

i finally got the ride jaws after 15 years ( was never actually working previously when we tried to go in the 90s) I wasnt overly impressed, though the kids that started crying was fun. I mean its a cool ride but the tour guide wasnt that great.

disaster isnt worth the wait, especially when they suck at putting you on the ride portion at the end and your entire party gets seperated becuase the dumbass worker directs you to one side only for it to all get filled and then every other section is filled. idiots. Really if not for that I probably would have the exact opposite reaction, as I thought it was pretty cool up to that point.

Beetlejuice was kinda cool, kinda blah. I think if it was a bit longer and had better songs, I'd really like it.

Twister is an awesome concept but I didnt even feel a breeze when the tornado was supposed to hit so the hell with it.

Didnt have time though to do Men in Black, I kinda wanted to do that, but nobody in my group actually really liked the movie so we didnt do it.



The thing I really hate is how you have to walk through the City Walk area to get to the damn park. Its like a non stop crowd when you leave the park when it closes from the park to the parking lot. I wish you could bypass that area as its a damn zoo at night.

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