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09 hitters: Park Factors, V.S. League, BB/K


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So here's a nifty pic of how all our hitters did once you park factor their numbers. And it also shows how good their OPS is relative to their league. After all, a 900 OPS in a league that averages a 900 OPS isn't good, but it's amazing in a league that averages a .900 OPS.


Quick run down of the parks/leagues


NOLA: Pitchers park that's real hard on HRs. Not Jupiter level but closer to Jupiter than it is average. However the League OPS is .758. NL OPS is .740 for reference.


JAX: Basically Neutral across the board but everything dips a dip towards pitching. League OPS of .711


Jup: Pitchers Park that's absolutely terrible on HRs. League OPS of .684


Greensboro: Hitters Haven, is a HR launching pad. League OPS of .692


Jamestown: A lot is always made over Greensboro and HRs. Did you know that Jamestown is even more of a HR and hitters park? League OPS of .670.


GCL Rookie team: Plays it same park as Jupiter team does. League OPS of .652.


It's funny that players go from Roger Dean Stadium (Jupiter's park), which is so hard on HRs, to then absolutely launching pads in Jamestown and Greensboro, just to go back to RDS lol.


Anyway pic:




So it's probably fair to say that the guy with the best OPS compared to his league had the most successful season yes?


Not surprisingly, this award falls onto the hands of Mike Stanton's park adjusted 1.022 OPS. It'd be the equivalent of a 1.11 OPS in the NL, making him the Albert Pujols of the FSL. He'd finish with the highest non-adjusted OPS in the league, with only two other players finishing above .900 (One being the Phillies Dominic Brown at .903, the other being 25 year old career OPS of .744 Robinson Chirinos at .915).


Marcell Ozuna would come in 2nd, with Logan Morrison in third, Kyle Jensen in 4th, and Brandon Todd/Ryan Curry basically tieing for 5th (though as 24yos in A+ ball, not so impressive), using a 200 PA minimum.


Some names that pop up that you probably haven't heard of:


Wilfredo Gimenez - The real C of the future? He doesn't have the fanfare, but he had the best production out of all the C's in the minors this year. He put up a park adjusted line of .288/.361/.385/.745 with an amazing BB/K of 14/9 in 104 AB for the GCL team. He put up similiar numbers for the Dominican League affiliate last season. He also seems to have a strong arm, throwing out 40% of runners this season. His lack of power hurts but being just 18 years old, you hope he can grow into some, and you just have to love that BB/K.


Carlos Paulino - The GCL team wasn't the only SS team to have a nice showing from their back stop. The 19 year out old of the DR put up a nice park adjusted line of .291/.340/.411/.751 for Jamestown. He wasn't anywhere nearly as impressive as Gimenez, having the same power questions and only putting up a 11/27 BB/K in 141 AB, but you always like to see C's perform well.


Brent Keys - Taken in this last draft in the 17th round, the 18 year old did a lot of things right. His park adjusted line would be .301/.399/.331/.730. Yes, the .030 ISO is very very bad, but he'd also put up a 28/20 BB/K in 163 AB, and he's also very young. He also went 13 for 17 in stealing bases. There's no fielding stats for GCL league, so not sure how he did there, but if he's a plus defensive CF, there's quite a few things to like.


Michael Synan - A 42nd round draft pick in 08, he's put up back to back years of impressive lines while not being old for the leagues. However, going by Total Zone, he an absolutely horrible fielder, scoring a -17 in LF for Greensboro this season. A move to first base could help things.


Ryan Keedy-Drafted by the Cubs in the 16th round of the '08 draft, he was released? earlier this season after hitting only .236 with no extra base hits in 89 ABs for the cubs A+ affiliate. He absolutely torched it with us though. Being a 1b, he'll have to continue that success to go anywhere. However, he's also 23 years old.


Terrence Dayleg-The 21 year old was the marlins 22nd round selection in this past years draft. He split time at SS and 3B for the GCL team. If he can stay at SS, he becomes interesting, but a lot less so if he's forced to play 3B. He finished with a park adjusted line of .277/.377/.400/.777, .125 points higher than league average. One of the main things though is he also finished with a 16/18 BB/K. Being old for the league and a late round draft pick, he's very meh at the moment, and it's questionable if that BB/K holds up after having a 0.46 BB/K in college. But he could be someone to look out for if that BB/K is for real


As for BB/K, those that ended up being interesting you should already know or are already listed above so just a quick run down of who won and who lost.


1) Wilfredo Giminez, 1.56

2) Brent Keys, 1.40

3) Logan Morrison, 1.37

4) Chris Coghlan, 1.20

5) Brandon Turner, 1.05


And the losers


1) Jose Ceballos, 0.13

2) Isaac Galloway, 0.13 ("lost" by .009 points, and the only non-DR on the list)

3) Ernesto Manzanillo, 0.15

4) Jose Torres, 0.17

5) Joel De Los Santos, 0.18


Actually there is one name I want to bring up. Marquise Cooper finished with a solid 0.67 BB/K, striking out 19.3% of the time while walking 10.6% of the time. With his speed he should be able to hit for BABIP, and he should be able to hit for some power based off his body, so that's looking good there even though overall his year sucked.


Speaking of DR though, I didn't do them because there are no known park factors, but in terms of relative to league and BB/K, there is one name that does stnad out. Pedro Mendoza finished the year with a line of .314/.393/.366/.759 with a BB/K of 17/13 in 175 AB. The league average OPS was only .669, so his OPS was the equivalent of about a .840 OPS in the NL. 18 year old 3b.

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