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NBA 2k10-Help Needed


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So i'm thinking of starting an association mode with the kings on 2k10. definitely want to make some moves before the season starts because i want to win a championship and as many individual awards as possible. also this season i really want to make the team realistic because prior years i've made all star teams with bulls*** trades. it's gonna be hard though because the kings don't have many good assets other than high draft picks.


here is a 3 team deal i was thinking of doing:

Kings get: Joe Johnson and Pachulia

Sixers get: Kenny Thomas, Iverson (sign and trade), Mo Evans, and kings 1st rounder

Hawks get: Andre Iguodala, Dalembert, Jason Smith, and Kings 1st rounder


like i've stated before i'm trying to make this realistic. i was going to just get al jefferson and then sign joe johnson in the offseason but i wanted to win NOW.


Why Kings do it: they get Joe Johnson, a tier 2 superstar, along with pachulia to add some frontcourt depth


Why Sixers do it: they can't rid themselves of brand's contract but by trading iguodala they can package dalembert with him and get a bunch of expirings in return. they also get one of the kings' first rounders to build onto the future


Why Hawks do it: they get a long term solution at the guard position with iguodala. joe johnson already turned down an extension and sources close to him have confirmed that he is leaning towards leaving the hawks and signing elsewhere in the offseason. also they get frontcourt help with dalembert who is a good defender and rebounder. and they get the kings' other 1st rounder to add to the equation.


so tell me is this realistic or should i scrap the idea??? i'm not gonna do it if it's extremely unrealistic




another deal i'm gonna do is:

Kings get: Al Jefferson and Mark Blount

Wolves get: Kevin Martin, Jason Thompson, and Nocioni


this trade i'm pretty sure is realistic because the kings and wolves have had previous discussions over a martin-jefferson swap.




Tyreke Evans/Joe Johnson/Omri Casspi/Al Jefferson/Spencer Hawes


if the joe johnson trade doesn't happen i think i'll still go after a versatile shooting guard to add a different dimension to the team. maybe stephen jackson of the warriors who would come more cheaply.

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