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Red Sox new ST facility


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The Boston Red Sox unveiled initial renderings of the team's new Lee County spring-training complex.


The design, from Populous and Fort Myers architect Jeff Mudgett, isn't a slavish imitation of Fenway Park: indeed, the design is almost the opposite, featuring a light and airy feel, giving the 11,000 fans a lot of room to move about the facility. Instead of Boston south, the firms came up with a very modern, Florida look for the facility, slated to open in Spring Training 2012. The cost of the project: $75 million.


All of Boston's spring-training, extended spring and rookie-ball needs will be filled at the facility, with six adjacent practice fields and clubhouse space for all. That's in stark contrast to the team's current setup: spring training finds the team practicing at the minor-league complex and then moving to City of Palms Park once games start.



The biggest nod to Fenway Park: a replica of the Green Monster in left field, with seating above in much more abundance than currently found at Fenway. The outfield dimensions will be the same as those found in Fenway Park.


Otherwise, the ballpark is pure Florida. There will be a canopy to provide shade to fans; about 65 percent of the seats will be covered for a typical afternoon game.


The Red Sox are also following the big trend in spring-training facilities: incorporating the practice fields into the fan experience. The ballpark will sit far off Daniels Parkway, and fans will be able to walk the Fenwalk on the west side of the ballpark to view the practice fields to the north of the ballpark itself.

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