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Why is Chris Leroux on this team?


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He's had one, MAYBE two bad outings this season.

Against teams with good offenses.



He had a pretty good April, not the best May thus far, but his May stats have been inflated by two bad outings.



Now go back to your hole.

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In 8 innings in April, Leroux had 9 strikeouts against 3 walks in 8 innings with only 2 earned runs against him for a 2.25 ERA. This was across 6 appearances.


In May, he's pitched 7 innings while giving up 9 earned runs with 8 strikeouts against 6 walks for a 11.57 ERA. This has been across 8 appearances.


He's also had 11 groundouts to 1 flyout in April while 7-4 in May.


The kid has a fastball that can get up there in MPH and I've seen it with some nasty movement. He also has a nice changeup that I've seen him do well with.


Its just one extreme to the other, he was awesome in April and has been bad in May, but the ability is there. I wanna see him work it out quickly up here in the majors because I think he has the stuff to make it.

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There isn't anyone in AAA thats pitching well enough to be promoted would be my answer. For the most part the Marlins have shown patience in making decisions to demote someone, (e.g. Tim Wood) eventually he'll pitch better.


Arguable. Buente has been doing well and he's on the 40 man.

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Leroux is horrible. I've said it before and people here tried to argue with me on it. Apparently the Marlins feel the same way.



C'mon.... the Marlins don't think he's horrible or they never would've called him up. He'll be back, just needs to work some things out.

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