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American Pickers


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Was visiting my parents in LeClaire (IA), which is where the American Pickers shop is. LeClaire is about 20 minutes away from where I live (Davenport). Went to a gas station and reailzed their shop was right behind it. So I decided to walk up and take a gander. Just so happened that Mike was there so I introduced myself. Very nice down to earth guy. Kind of a strange character but nice nonetheless,


Anyway, I love the show. Really happy to see Pickers and Pawn Stars back.. two of my favorites.

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agree on all accounts. very disappointed in the new season of pickers and dont think it will make it to season 3. they really turned up the douche level big time.


pawn stars.. it has its moments but the whole staged parts of the show really irritates me.

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I've seen a little bit of both Pawn Stars and Pickers.


I couldn't get into Pickers because the guys are pretty big douches. I also don't have a high opinion of "pickers" in general, so that probably contributes to the dislike of the show.


I enjoy Pawn Stars but I am put off with how fake a lot of it is. I'm not talking about the interactions between the people in the store, but the transactions, negotiations, items, and restoration. A lot of that is clearly staged. Do some background research on some of the items featured on the show and you will find that a lot of it is pure nonsense (look into the antique Coke Machine and the Lou Gehrig jersey for examples). Some people have accused some of the "experts" of owning some of the items and the producers simply hire actors.


Reality TV is the big thing right now, but it really isn't any more real than your typical scripted show is.



And why is reality tv on The History Channel ? ? ? ? I expect history there, but I guess I'm dumb thinking that :mis2 I don't see buying, negotiating, etc., is part of history. :blink:

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