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6/3 Post Game

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This was a key series and the marlins have shown why they are not good enough.


like i said in the game thread, they are a team of good players but not a good team.


the division is pretty much over unless we catch fire but guess that probably not happening.


I haven't lost hope yet...too much talent on this team!

BTW this game was on 7/3 :whistle

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This team isn't all that talented; not sure what you guys are talking about. There are two elite talents on this team, and after that the entire team is just pretty average.


This is a National League team built like an American League team. Quite frankly, looking at the big picture, this team sucks. Cantu and Uggla need to go. It's time for a change in philosophy, and those two guys won't be staying here much longer anyway. Get some assets for those two, and get better defensively. That should be step one of this process, and getting rid of those two helps the cause.

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i think if one guy is going to go and i hate to say it.....its probably cody with our jammed outfield with the team hoping maybin puts it together and morrison coming up.


stanton has done anything but impress me so far though he has played some decent defense.


anibal deserved better and veras has been very good like i always knew he could be.


the amount of chances we gave away today is appalling. this is beginning to feel like 2007 when we just slowly faded away game by game and ended up 20 under at 71-91.


if the team wants an offensive minded bench presence i fail to see how murphy is better than luna.


also sorry about the wrong month on the thread title.

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