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We need more offense from Hanley

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The biggest problem with the Marlins lineup is that Cantu continues to be the number 4 hitter. He OPSed .701 in May and .680 in June. He hasn't been driving in runs and can't get on base.


The Marlins should have moved Uggla into that spot weeks ago.

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E-Rod's stated comments on Hanley were right on. I'm glad Admin Beinfest thought to have his new spokesperson go public with the front office's view of things. Taking nothing away from Rodriguez's managerial skills because I'm liking him more and more, the front office must be comforted knowing they finally have their guy in there and willing to do as he's told.


That said, the number one problem continues to be defensive miscues (errors on the scorekeeper's sheet AND just plain bone-headed play) that results in teams getting five or six outs in an inning. We didn't lose last night because Sanchez pitched badly (although he certainly contributed and was far from stellar). I can't look into a crystal ball and predict what the final tally would ultimately have been but I guarantee the score would have been a lot closer and perhaps the outcome different if the Marlins could just hold teams to three outs an inning.


It's criminal how badly we play sometimes. Heart-breaking really to watch games just being thrown away.

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I don't know if you guys have seen this yet, but I thought this was worth posting:




PHOENIX — Marlins shortstop Hanley Ramirez said he'll compete in the All Star Home Run Derby on Monday, even if he's not exactly enthusiastic about it.


Ramirez jokingly predicted he'll win it over Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera, his former Marlins teammate.


But Ramirez also was candid about why he's had second thoughts about taking part in the home-run hitting contest: He's worried it might mess up his swing - and possibly the Marlins' playoff hopes.


"I feel it in my heart, we're going to have a good second half. It's going to be interesting. I want to be there,' he said.


Ramirez has 13 home runs and a team-high 53 RBI, but he said he's disappointed with the .292 batting average he took into Friday's game.


"I don't like to be a 200 hitter. That's not me,' said Ramirez, who was hitting .349 at the All Star break last year before finishing at .342 to win the National League batting title.


After the top of the Marlins' batting order went a combined 1-for-15 in a 10-4 loss Thursday night to the Arizona Diamondbacks, manager Edwin Rodriguez said it was up to Ramirez to help spark the offense.


"We have to get more offense, mainly from Hanley, from the middle of the order,' Rodriguez said.


On Friday, Rodriguez said Ramirez may be a bit tired. "It's showing on his swing. He needs to get over that,' he said. "It's more mental than physical. Being Hanley, he knows how to get over that.'


The biggest difference in Ramirez's average can be found in his splits: He's batting .319 against right-handed pitchers but just .217 against lefties. Last year, he hit .316 against lefties and .352 against righties.


"I don't know what's going on against lefties. I used to crush them,' he said with a nervous laugh.


Ramirez also said opponents are pitching him more cautiously. He said he might need to take more walks and let pitchers deal with Jorge Cantu and Dan Uggla, Florida's four and five hitters, respectively.



"They're not going to pitch to me and I just keep swinging at it, chasing, chasing balls out of the strike zone,' he said. "I'm getting myself out. I've just to be patient and wait for my pitch then I'll be fine.'


Ramirez credited new hitting coach John Mallee, who has gone over Ramirez's swing with him on video.


"You know why I think I feel good? I know what I'm doing wrong. I know what I need to go back and try,' he said. "It's not like 'what am I doing wrong?' I know what I'm doing.'


The bottom line, Ramirez said, is that he's taking the Marlins' overall struggles personally.


"I've got my confidence. I know at the end of the year I'll be fine. I'm just looking out for the team and how well we're going to be in August and September.


"Where are we gonna be? Twenty games out? No. We don't want to be there, we want to be in the race. That's why they need me right now.'

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Hanely is the least of my concerns and I'll echo this notion once more. Move Cantu. It's so freaking simple yet...


And Hanely doesn't have to worry about messing up our playoff hopes, those were dashed like a month ago when we truly realized how God awful our bullpen and bench is.

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