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2011 options


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So with September here that means no one is going to be burning an option anymore. Going to do something different from years past, where I'd say "# of options left", instead I'm going to switch to "# of options used". This is because players are sometimes eligible for four options (See: Brett Carroll last season due to injury, RVH due to service time) so counting down from 3 isn't all too smart. If a player has 3 options used, I'll put in parenthesis if he's possibly eligible for a 4th option exception, or if he's likely out of options (OOO).


Cliff notes, OOO:

Leo Nunez

Brian Sanches

Jose Veras

Ronny Paulino

Hector Luna

Donnie Murphy

Brett Carroll

Cameron Maybin



Anibal Sanchez

Taylor Tankersley

Ryan Tucker



Just running down the 40 man:


Burke Badenhop: 1-2 options used (Hard to tell in 2009)

Jay Buente: 1 option used

Jose Ceda: 1 option used

Clay Hensley: ?

Josh Johnson: 0 options used

Chris Leroux: 2 options used

Jhan Marinez: 0 options used

Andrew Miller: 3 options used (Should be eligible for fourth option because of service time, likely NOT out of options)

Ricky Nolasco: 1 option used

Leo Nunez: 3 options used (OOO)

Omar Poveda: 1 option used

Alex Sanabia: 0 options used

Brian Sanches: 3 options used (OOO)

Anibal Sanchez: 2 options used (Possibly 3 and out of options, but I assume the option used in 2007 was reinstated after it was determined it was illegal for the Marlins to have optioned him)

Brett Sinkbeil: 1 option used

Taylor Tankersley: 3 options used (Possible injury exception: Missed all of 2009)

Ryan Tucker: 3 options used (Possible injury exception: Missed almost all of 2009)

Jose Veras: 3 options used (OOO)

Chris Volstad: 0 options used

Sean West: 2 options used

Tim Wood: 2 options used


John Baker: 1 option used

Brad Davis: 0 options used

Brett Hayes: 2 options used

Ronny Paulino: 3 options used (OOO)


Hector Luna: 3 options used (OOO)

Logan Morrison: 0 options used

Donnie Murphy: 3 options used (OOO)

Hanley Ramirez: 1 option used

Gaby Sanchez: 1 option used

Dan Uggla: 0 options used


Emilio Bonifacio: 2 options used

Brett Carroll: 4 options used (OOO)

Chris Coghlan: 0 options used

Scott Cousins: 1 option used

Cameron Maybin: 3 options used (Likely OOO, no service time/injury constraints)

Bryan Petersen: 1 option used

Mike Stanton: 0 options used

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