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The Official Giancarlo Stanton Man Crush Thread

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Why Stanton could be the greatest player of our generation...

With Stanton chasing down Roger Maris for the steroid-free single season home run record...

The 3 players ahead of Maris are all known steroid users. All benefited lots from steroids.

Sosa: 35-ish homer guy to 60+, clear deformed steroid jaw .
McGwire: 40 to 50-ish homer guy to 70. But from video of him early on he appears he could have been taking steroids early on in his career.
Bonds: 30 to 40-ish homer guy and stolen bases to 73 and muscle-bound/slow.

All of Stanton's improvements this year can be attributed to his change in approach and batting stance. He has the same power and same exit velocities, but he's making much more contact. This shows all kids, you don't have to cheat to be great, but have the courage to change habits.

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