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MLB Titanium Necklaces by Phiten


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I recently began noticing a lot of players wearing these braided, two-tone necklaces and so out of curiosity I decided to do some research on them. Apparently they are special titanium necklaces which "have the ability to regulate the body's natural electric currents through cell ionization" and "promotes muscle relaxation, pain and stress relief, fatigue reduction, and blood circulation improvement." They're available for purchase on MLB.com/shop and go for $50 a pop. I was thinking about buying one but $50 seems like a lot of money for a necklace. Anyone have one of these, and if so, does it really work?



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It's all bulls***....

I play baseball, I'm not going to lie I'm good and they had no effect after wearing it for 4 games, I actually played worse to be honest.


It's all a scam to make money in my opinion, same with the original Phiten necklaces that give you "energy" and the balance bracelet sh*t. It's all for style!


I do however rock a phiten armsleave

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