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Andrew Miller traded to Red Sox


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Andrew Miller's tenure with the Florida Marlins is over.


On Friday, Andrew Miller was traded to the Boston Red Sox for LHP Dustin Richardson. Miller, who was drafted 6th overall by the Detroit Tigers in the 2006 MLB Draft, has had a highly disappointing career with the Marlins. He arrived with the Marlins following a blockbuster trade that sent fan favorites Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis to the Detroit Tigers. Having traded away a potential future Hall of Famer and a former team ace, the Marlins anticipated Andrew Miller to be the team's ace for many years to come. However, a combination of mechanical issues and control problems caused Miller to spend the majority of the 2010 season in the minors.


Miller began this past season with the Jupiter Hammerheads. After posting a 1.72 ERA in his first 3 starts, he was given a promotion to the Marlins AA club in Jacksonville. Once he arrived, his season headed on a downward spiral. He posted a 6.01 ERA and a 1.86 WHIP in 18 starts with the Suns, and continued to show a complete lack of control that had caused him so many problems throughout his career. Despite this, the Marlins decided to call Andrew up to the major league team on August 18th, in what was seen as Miller's final chance to earn his spot on the roster for next season.


Unfortunately, his control problems persisted. In his nine games, seven as a starter and two as a reliever, Miller put up an 8.54 ERA with a 2.36 WHIP, allowing opposing hitters to hit .372 against him. The final straw may have come in his final start against the Braves. Miller was only able to go 3 innings, having already thrown 76 pitches, given up 4 ER, and showing absolutely no control over his pitches. Despite his struggles with the Marlins, the Red Sox feel that Miller is still very young and has a wealth of potential yet to be harnessed.


Dustin Richardson, a 26 year old starter turned reliever, is coming off an impressive season with the Pawtucket Red Sox. He compiled a 2.66 ERA and 56 strikeouts in 44 IP. He is expected to compete for a spot on the Marlins bullpen in 2011.


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