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Marlins Home Series against the Mariners to be played in Seattle

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From Sun Sentinal:


The Marlins already knew they would play their June 24-26 interleague home series against the Seattle Mariners somewhere other than Sun Life Stadium because of a U2 concert. Now they know where.


Major League Baseball is expected to announce Thursday afternoon that series will be relocated to Safeco Field. It will be the beginning of a thee-city, American League West tour that takes the Marlins to Seattle, Oakland and Texas. The Marlins will host the Angels June 20-22 at Sun Life Stadium.


In 2008, the Marlins played at Seattle and at Oakland, taking two of three from their Mariners and losing two of three to the Athletics. The Marlins have played home games in venues other than Sun Life Stadium over the years. Last season they hosted a series against the Mets at Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan. In 2004, the threat of Hurricane Ivan prompted MLB to relocate two games against the Expos from Sun Life to U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago.

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this story's getting a good amount of attention. front page espn.com headline.


the Marlins will be the "home" team so they'll bat last and there will be no DH. kinda neat.


edit: iiii just read this U2 concert is ON THE 29th.







That thing is gonna be there.

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what the hell? why?

what is that f***ing thing?

i get the stage and the lights but... what?






Looks like that when it's done, it's kinda an over the top setup... they've always been huge about making the stage that they play on memorable.












Also, huge on getting around to the whole audience. Which is why they're almost always center-staged. And often go into the audience.

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LOL at the two comments under the article there...


check em out...



Plus, if the Marlins actually did own there stadium... and did do something as stupid as to book U2 over a home series...


They would potentially lose more money throwing U2 out than a 3 game series with divided up cash with the Mariners. Actually, not potentially, they'd definitely lose more money.

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When you consider the structures in the wrestling that move about from city to city, being assembled and taken down so frequently, then surely they could do the U2 'claw' given a few full days?


Also here's a question - in a few years, will stadium gigs in Miami remain at Sun Life stadium where crowds can be huge, or will the Marlins new ballpark attract major gigs due to the trendy setting and modern facilities?

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