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4/19 Post Game


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just a beautifully pitched game by the marlins.


i could also get used to bonifacio slapping the line drives all over the field.




Time to put Boni at 2B for a game or two.


no not yet. omar's defense is great and he is a good hitter he will improve. though i have always had some reservations about the weird way he holds the bat.

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Infante's not great, but some of you are overreacting. Just like Hanley and every other slumping player in baseball, Infante will end up putting up his #'s. He's not going to hit .210 or whatever he's hitting all year. He makes too much contact; sooner or later, some of his contact will have to start resulting in base hits. It's early.


I think it's great that we're 9-6 and many of our good/great hitters haven't even come close to their expected production yet.

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