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MLB taking over the Los Angeles Dodgers


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I guess its the same thing that happened to the Diamondbacks a few years ago ?????


MLB to take over Dodgers finances


KTLA News 6:01 p.m. EDT, April 20, 2011


ktla-mlb-takes-over-dodgers LOS ANGELES -- Major League Baseball has announced it has appointed a trustee to oversee the day to day operations of the Dodgers organization and investigate the club's finances.


Two people with knowledge of the situation say Commissioner Bud Selig was also strongly considering forcing the sale of the team by invoking his “bests interests of baseball” powers to wrest the team from Frank McCourt, the owner since 2004, who he believes has mismanaged the franchise while enriching himself, according to the New York Times.


If Selig invokes his extraordinary powers, he would seek to gain the support of three-quarters of the sportÂ’s 30 owners, and then sell the Dodgers on McCourtÂ’s behalf, the NY Times reports.

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I don't know...I think Joe Torre has lost his marbles. I remember him appearing on Intentional Talk during the World Series and he kept calling Matt Vasgersian, who was filling in for Chris Rose, "Chris." But all kidding aside, some course of action was bound to happen. That was some nasty divorce by the McCourts.

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