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Albuquerque: Good or Bad

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So the Z's are in playing their third of four games in ABQ. I remember two years ago when the Marlins had their AAA team there. I remember wondering then how playing in that air would benefit any pitchers for the Marlins future. I know there are two or three high altitude MLB clubs but how many times would a pitcher pitch in these condiitions.


Last night Dallas gave up 5 runs in 5 innings. Tonight through 3 innings Tom Koehler, arguably the hottest Marlin minor league pitcher, has given up 4 runs on 8 hits.


To me the risks way outweigh the rewards of having a team in ABQ. Glad the Marlins are no longer there.

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That's one of the best places to watch a minor league game. The stadium is beautiful and when I lived in the Albuquerque area(2001-2008) they drew very good crowds. The food was great as well. It's right off the highway and surrounded by UNM sporting venues.


I agree that it's a rough place to pitch and play ball in general. Good luck trying to recover after chasing down a ball that gets into the gap. There's a reason why the basketball stadium has a sign for visiting teams that reads "A mile high and louder than hell". That air is just brutal when it gets in your lungs, especially on a cold night.


I don't see baseball leaving the city any time soon. It's too popular.

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I can't speak for Albuquerque, but I went to a game in Vegas in that hot air and there were a total of 9 HRS in the game. I'm sure its the same for a lot cities in the PCL, generally considered a hitters league, hopefully for the pitchers they can still work on the stuff that will get them to the big club.

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I remember that in the show In Plain Sight, the main character's boyfriend was a minor leaguer for the Isotopes, and then he got called up to play for the Marlins. .It was too f***ing awesome.



I've never seen that show, but I need to see that episode.


The first three seasons are available to watch on Netflix's online "watch instantly" service.

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