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help with posting pictures?


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So usually forums have a sticky or something that explains the ins and outs of posting hyperlinks, vids, pics, etc. i can't seem to find ours, and perhaps if it doesn't exist maybe it should? Reason i'm bringing this up is i made a Hanley meme i've been wanting to post for ahwile but everytime i do it comes up as an X. Is it because of the extension? file size? thanks for any help. oh and it's hoste don flickr, i don't know if that matters or not.

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It's because it doesn't end in an image extension and the board only recognizes images ending in typical image extensions.. Flickr probably does that to deter hotlinking.


I tried to view the photo to see if I could find a link with a typical image extension but it's telling me the photo is on a private page.

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I don't use flickr so don't know about it much but I use photobucket and it's pretty simple and easy. If Flickr is anything like photobucket, you should be able to copy the direct link to the image..ya know with the filename.jpg or whatever at the end of the url and paste it into the forums.


If you can view the image by pasting its url in the address bar of your web browser, it should work in the forums

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