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What type of message forum poster are you (Star trek Edition)


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After reading through a recent game thread (and many other threads), I think it is safe to say we have different types of posters on here. To use a geeky analogy, we have the Star Trek (Original Crew) philosophy of posting. Some people may fall into more than one category but it basically comes down to the following:


1) The Captain Kirk Poster - Levelheaded, mixes equal opinion with facts, good for the occasional joke or sarcasm (and quite the ladies' man in the forums); not really a Spock but not a McCoy either


2) The Spock Poster - Stats, stats, and nothing but stats plus in-depth analysis on everything, very little sense of humor; often clashes with the McCoy type of poster; has been known to return from the dead


3) The McCoy Poster - Rarely uses stats, has plenty of opinions, makes posts based on observation over facts, and is not afraid to let emotions show while posting; old school sense of humor


4) The Mugatu Poster - Your basic troll, sometimes known as The Khan Poster if the troll somehow has intelligence but is very belligerent


5) The Chekov Poster - Youthful presence on the boards who loves to crack jokes; young or old this person is a Toys R' Us kid at heart


6) The Scotty Poster - A poster from overseas, representing the international diversity of these boards


7) The Uhura Poster - A class of posters for any of the female persuasion who don't feel like being classified as a man


8) The Sulu Poster - Any posters who do not fall under any of the above


9) The Expendable / red Shirt Poster - Known to meet their maker on away missions, this is the poster who believes the sky is falling and overreacts


Which one best describes you?

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