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Cameron Maybin


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Take a look at his 2009 numbers through 199 PA and his 2011 numbers through 199 PA. It's amazing how he hasn't really improved or regressed since then. Across the board, everything is almost the same, except that he has half as many doubles, way more SB and a 15 pt difference in Slugging this year.


Just thought I'd share this with you guys who hadn't though about Maybin for a while.

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Except he's doing it in a ballpark which is much tougher on hitters and in an offensive environment which has been suppressed a bit over the last two years, so his OPS+ is 17 points higher. A 106 OPS+ now is the equivalent of like a .780 OPS in 2009.


His defense and baserunning have been given almost the same value on Fangraphs, but he's been worth almost 2 wins so far as opposed to 1 in 2009. That's because the offensive context he's performing in is quite different.

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