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Hey guys, I didnt want to start a topic about just one guy so i figured i would just open this up for all Grasshoppers talk.


My first question is, What is Kyle Winters expected to do for this organization. Hes a 5th round pick from 2005 and posted a 1 hit win the other day for Greensboro. He's 7-3 with an ERA of 4. 62. Ive seen him pitch a start once and was impressed with what I saw.


My feelings on the guy are that hes just going to be a depth player and never make it to the big leagues, but i could be wrong.


Heres his stat line.



I also like to add that i would love to be more helpful with anyone's questions in Greensboro but i have been to a handful of games and the Grasshoppers have pretty much sucked in all 3.


The Second question is how long do you foresee the Grasshoppers being the Marlins minor league affiliate. We are in contract untill the end of the 2012 season. I am kind of nervous that the Marlins would want someone closer to home but then again you also have a handful of your other teams in the Florida area. It would suck bad to lose the Marlins as our parent club.

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At this point Winters is recovering from injury/surgery that caused him to miss most of 2009 and all of 2010. My opinion is the organization is trying to build his arm strength up and possibly work him back up to AA by years end. Of course this might be a bit of reach seeing he's listed as being on DL at Greensboro.

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