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Team Colors and New Logo


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New Miami Marlins gear selling at ‘staggering’ rate


Sales of the new apparel have eclipsed all expectations, equaling 17 percent of last year’s sales in a single weekend.

By Clark Spencer


MILWAUKEE -- While some people might claim they are ugly, Marlins T-shirts and caps bearing the team’s new logo and colors are proving quite popular. “Staggering� is the word Marlins president David Samson used to describe sales so far.

In terms of revenue, Samson said sales of Marlins apparel on Friday, Saturday and Sunday equaled “17 percent of the merchandise we sold all of last year.

“We just got the results in because we just finished counting the cash,� Samson said at the general managers’ meetings on Wednesday.

Best sellers

The hottest items?

“Right now, the red-orange hat is neck-and-neck with the black hat,� Samson said. “The B.P. [batting practice] jersey is a runaway favorite.

“That’s the black jersey that has the red-orange down the side. That is crushing the competition. Saw a lot of it [being worn] at the Dolphins game on Sunday.�


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Looks like the new trend in baseball is to have insanely large logos on the front bill of all caps.


...and I agree, this would look much better without the stupid Jay head below the lettering.






Still looks better then the uni and logos we are stuck with.

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Why can't I customize the player name/number on the jerseys? Is this option not available yet? I wan't to pick up some gear but I don't like the plain back jersey.



No, unfortunately it's not available yet. MLB has dropped the ball on these releases do far. Low stock and hardly any options. Same with the Blue jays. They have had months to get production up. No excuse really.

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