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Pirate's Future


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and my cousin, Jeffrey Alan Locke is apart of it as he gets the call today after his start for Indianapolis!!!!!!!


im so damn excited i dont know what else to say other than to give you guys a link to his minor league stats and go crack open a beer!




best labor day ever...and best wishes to all!

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Congrats, I remember the day he was drafted..."Why the Braves?" At least he's out of their system...




"...and ship him to an organization that knows what to do come october"


Well, that came out half true.

and so irony upon irony, drafted by a team i loathe, it appears he may make his debut, sunday 9/11 against javier vazquez and the florida marlins...of which i surely will be in attendence


and blood is stronger than hometown in this case



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yes he did and he didnt throw the ball very well either...nerves...but i had an amazing time and got a bunch of pirates gear and got to meet Jason Grilli in the pro shop with his family and he was basically the nicest guy ever and told me how the guys would look after jeff and keep him out of trouble


anyways, wow...that stadium is beautiful and i got to watch friday night's game too where the marlins did shell the pirates


so really in comparison, jeff threw pretty well when compared with his teammates and he kept the ball in the park


anyways, the pirates are my new 2nd favorite team and definitely have the best ballpark ive been to...and now after a 10 hour drive home, im taking a nap

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