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New Stadium Pics


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Interior camera views are updating again.


Samson made a flat-out statement the day before the sod arrived that the roof would remain open until opening day. We apparently have gotten so much rain in the last week that they closed it for about a day. Grass is VERY green. There's standing water on the infield dirt (which is the mostly clay under-layer, only 1B towards 2B has the next layer and is relatively dry.)


Samson could make a buck or two on the side as a rain-maker. After about 2 months of almost zero rain, it's been raining regularly since about the day after the sod arrived.

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PETA is against the aquarium because they say the loud crowds, bright lights, etc. will cause stress & maddening to the fish...I think everyone is just going to ignore them despite knowing they may be right.


Feb 13, 2012 - The Marlins have unveiled the new aquariums behind home plate at Marlins Park. There are some photos of the aquariums, sans fish, at Sportress of Blogitude.


Gaby Sanchez fired baseballs as hard as he could at the tank to prove they were safe and that thousands of gallons of water wouldn't flood the field in case of accidental breakage.


Almost two years ago, though, PETA said the Marlins shouldn't do this, because:"Being exposed to the loud crowds, bright lights, and reverberations of a baseball stadium would be stressful and maddening for any large animals held captive in tanks that, to them, are like bathtubs," PETA executive vice president Tracy Reiman wrote to the Marlins.

There's no record of any response to PETA from the Marlins, either in 2010 or when the fish tanks were revealed to the public earlier this month. But one wonders whether simply having a player throw baseballs really, really fast at the aquariums is enough to prove that they are shatterproof. What if a foul ball hits them going much faster than a thrown ball? What if a catcher tries to slide to catch a popup and his spikes hit the glass and break through?


Those are questions the Marlins have yet to answer. But perhaps the most interesting event could occur if a warning given in the 2010 article linked above comes to pass:Expect a naked PETA protest on Opening Day 2012.

And that game is on ESPN, national TV, on April 4! The NBC Miami link also says:Or you could just put mascot Billy the Marlin in the tank and call it a day.

That might be the best idea of all.



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Marlins expected to sign deal today to operate 28 trolleys to/from the ballpark in order to ease parking problems...


In two months, the new Marlins Ballpark and all its gleaming glory will open to fans. But it turns out fans with single-game tickets won't likely be allowed to park in the newly-built parking garages surrounding the ballpark.


City of Miami and Miami-Dade county officials are expected to announce a deal Monday that would allow the city to operate 28 new trolleys around the ballpark on game days to try to ease parking problems.


The 5,700 spaces in the four new garages are reserved for season ticket holders and VIPs.




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PETA has zero point zero influence in the world and yet they get automatic media coverage whenever they complain about something. I don't get it.

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