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2012 Slogan Discussion


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I think a thread would be handy.


My top 5 favorites


1. Safe at Home

2. The Dawn of a New Day

3. You Gotta Spend to Contend

4. On Hallowed Grounds. We Start Anew.

5. Revenge of the Fish.


I think "Safe at Home" is gonna win this thing.

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A New Beginning is also repeated twice in Group A and B. Funny because it's demolishing group B but getting little in Group A.


My Favorites:


A -

Welcome to Miami

We're Dead Serious


B -

A New Beginning


C -

Making Waves

Revenge of the Fish


D -

Nothing really..


E -

Safe at Home

New Ground


F -

A Whole New Ballgame

One Step Closer

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I'm pretty sure the whole spinoff from 'The Hunt for a Red October' has been used several times in nomination.


The option/alteration to Orange is not original at all, but I figure since the other one did so well it'd deserve another shot (with a different color). Still doesn't explain why 'Breaking New Ground' is getting votes though. That's like trying to vote for 'The Hunt for a Teal October' this year. Doesn't make sense. Oh, btw, " " " " Orange October was my nomination.


But what really blows my mind is that Making Waves isn't getting many votes. I know it's got strong competition in its own pool, but I'd say that's #1 or #2 in pool A. Getting overlooked.

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Round 2 posted. For any that advanced in two brackets, I moved one of them along and then took the next highest one in the other bracket.


Hopefully I didn't screw any up.

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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