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A couple of concerns for me on tonight game

Teal Shadow

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1. This will be Redman first road game as a Marlin. Last season as Tiger Redman ERA between home and away was almost 2.00. If he's not getting the outside corner it's going to be a long night. I hope he's adjust he's deliver from his last start when it appear the Braves were pick-up he's pitches.


2. Leiter and that cutter inside to hitter on a cold night not a very good combo.


3. The Marlins are 1 and 6 in the last 7 games a Shea.


4.Gerald Williams will probable get the start tonight in LF over Todd. No offensive from the bottom of the order tonight. Plus Todd was hitting a quiet .300


5.Piazza appears to be waking up and Burnitz is swing a hot bat. The Mets offense is waking up.


6.The Marlins' Bully Neal, and Nunez(but of course) are struggling


This series is important to come home on a roll. Closing against your division strong and being over .500.

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i forget about castro.



this is the second year he is being wasted.





Das, you cant have it both ways


we all know that the money for Pudge could have been spent somewhere else but we have PUDGE..... id rather have Castro sit his a** on the bench, to see Pudge play.... bottom line

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