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It's times like these when I wish TBS was nothing still, and just have Braves games and re-runs. Noooo...CONAN, Tyler Perry, other comedies, and sh*t on now...and then golden shows like Big Bang and Cougar Town.


Oh, we have back to back Sat games on FOX at night against the Rays this month...I dunno how.



NO!!!!!!!!! Don't take Tyler away ever! The man is a comedic god send and not a giant tool bag at all! How can we go on without groundbreaking shows like Meet the Browns!! Who will perpetuate racial stereotypes for profit in his stead I ask you?

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Zambrano for Volstad. Best trade ever?


Only in hindsight -- it was quite a gamble, albeit a low risk one given the Cubs are paying most of his salary. The Marlins were willing to take a chance, but had no idea if Zambrano would turn it around this quickly and this well.


I've seen a lot of Cubs fan bitterness about the "Zambrano for Volstad" thing, but that's not really what happened. The Cubs just wanted to get the problematic Zambrano out of there, and decided, for whatever reason, that they would try to make a project of Volstad in return -- they weren't really look at it as an equal value trade -- Volstad was just a freebie the Marlins tossed in there.


BTW: Here's a nice column on what Volstad is up to these days:




Same old, it seems.

How was it a gamble? There was no sign of Volstad improving, Big Z's worst season ever was basically as good as Volstad had ever been from his first full season, and Z was only one year removed from a 3.33 ERA. Not mentioning the salary thing.


That was about as low risk-high reward as I've ever seen.

I said it was a low risk (at least from the money side), but it's easy to forget that Zambrano was such poison in the Cubs clubhouse that they were willing to dump him *and* pay most of his salary for 2012. If the Cubs had known he was going to "find God" in the off-season and become an exemplary citizen, they wouldn't have paid the Marlins to take him off their hands. It's turned out to be a great trade only because Zambrano himself -- well away from baseball -- decided it was time to wise up. This was not a genius move by the front office -- they took a calculated risk and got lucky with the timing.


It was clearly worth a shot, given that the Volstad experiment had run it's course, but people are painting this as the Marlins getting one over on the Cubs, and that's not what happened. Both sides agreed to take a chance on a problem child from each other, and the Marlins were the ones it worked out for -- that's it. (I'm extremely happy it did, of course.)

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Zambrano was great all around today and nice to see Reyes come up with a huge hit.


Zambranos velocity was also up at 92-93 consistently and even touched 96 though I'm not sure how accurate that pitch was.


Great way to win the series after that horrible game on Friday and hopefully Giancarlo just had a bad series.


I also cannot understand how the mets are winning. Dickey and Santana are good but Kirk neuwenhuis and andres torres winning games is ridiculous.

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Big Z with all the votes and deservingly so. Has there ever been a FOG vote this unanimous?


Still enjoy beating the Phillies more than any other team.


-Big homestand coming up Braves/Rays/Sox. Finally heading over to a game for Sun vs Rays. Can't wait!

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