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Yasiel Puig Free Agent Thread

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This guy is supposed to be better than Jorge Soler and he is a FA. Check him out, I've seen him a couple of times and I like him:





Why are they showing just clips of him hitting soft ground balls and going way out of the zone and chasing balls? Not a very good declaration of his skills in that video if you ask me. Nice catch at the end though.

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What the hell?


Cespedes was a Stanton with average. Soler was a better cespedes. Puig is better then Soler.


When the f*** do we get to see Babe Ruth reincarnated.


Who was saying Soler was better than Cespedes? Just about everything I saw rated Cespedes higher, but maybe youth played a factor in rating Soler higher. Anyway I just read someone on Baseball America about Puig a couple days ago about how he was supposed to have a workout, but never showed up. Something about him being unable to decide who is going to represent him.

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Every at bat in that video except 1, he pulled an outside pitch. Granted, the catch was really good, but come on, I could make a highlight video of Chris Coghlan that is more impressive that that. If those are his highlights, I don't want any part of that.

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What a terrible signing. Dodgers were freaking out that there's an international spending cap going into place on Monday, so they threw more cash at Puig than the Cubs did at Soler, or even the A's did at Cespedes. Puig is completely unproven outside of Cuba, and even respected international scouts haven't seen enough of him to really judge how he projects. Even worse, he's been sidelined with recent injuries and supposedly has put on some weight. $42 million over 7 years is a hell of a big gamble for someone who isn't well scouted at this point. Why the Dodgers didn't just give that money to Soler (who scouts have been able to analyze) a month ago is beyond me.

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I would also add that Cuban defectors have been overhyped since Livan and El Duque arrived in the US in the mid-1990s.



Most international FA's are overhyped. Kosuke Fukudome anyone?

Ichiro anyone?!

Oh wait ...

Ichiro is an exception to the rule-the vast majority of international FA's are overhyped.

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