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July 4, 2012 Marlins @ Brewers 4:10 PM


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Josh Johnson (ERA 3.80) (5W-5L)




Randy Wolf (ERA 5.78) (2W-6L)



Here's the deal..... Randy Wolf has been a particularly terrible pitcher lately, and is having huge control issues throwing the ball. In his last outing, he gave up 8 runs. On paper this is a very winnable game, provided our offense shows up, we don't make stupid errors, and Heath Bell doesn't sabotage us again. In his last 3 starts, Wolf's ERA is 9.3.

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Reyes 6

Solano 7

Ramirez 5

Ruggiano 8

Infante 4

Kearns 9

Sanchez 3

Hayes 2

Johnson 1


... not sure why Morrison is sitting ... I know it's a lefty pitching for the Brewers, but still, he's been hitting lefties lately and very well overall as of late.


Aoki 9

Morgan 8 :|

Braun 7

Ramirez 5

Hart 3

Weeks 4

Kottaras 2

Izturis 6

Wolf 1

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