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Admin Beinfest update


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Meh, a change was needed. I just don't know if promoting a guy already in the inner circle is going to do anything


From what's been reported, Beinfest and Jennings have never really been in the same circle. Hill was Beinfest's guy so it will be interesting to see what happens with him.


This still isn't official, either.

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Regarding Ozzie and a possible managerial change according to Frisaro.


The rumors and reports are not just about Beinfest. Team owner Jeffrey Loria has made it clear that everyone -- both in the front office and on the field -- will be evaluated after the season.

Nothing has been decided on the future of manager Ozzie Guillen -- who is signed through 2015 -- and, according to a source, the pros and cons of a change at manager already are being discussed. The Marlins, in considering a potential managerial change, have talked about ex-Marlin Mike Lowell as an option.


If the Marlins do indeed make a managerial change, they likely will consider candidates who have no previous big league experience. The team has a number of young players who are still developing and payroll is expected to be closer to $80 million than $100 million, so a fresh voice and approach may be what the team seeks

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Guys...Bo Porter is also part of the rumor mill of being next manager... lol


Question: Do managers contracts work like players in that if Ozzie gets fired, do the fish still have to pay out his contract?



yeah, & they gave him what, a 3 year deal i think?


anyway I don't know why Ozzie would get the blame here & dumped after 1 season, but whatever.

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I also think Ozzie should be given at least another year. The FO made a mistake in the way the team was built, and while they did under perform, it is not all Ozzie's fault. Give him another year to see how things turn out, and what he can do... I know that this is a results-driven business, and the results for 2012 are not what was expected, so anything can happen.

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