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2012: The Issues

Johnny Reb

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I'm voting for myself because I feel I am more capable than any of these clowns.



So you refuse to answer the leading question. Impressive.Sorry. I'm on my phone creating jobs and facilitating economic growth. Maybe when I'm unemployed and living off the system with all the time in the world I will answer.


I'm sure you are. Yet you have time to spew your mouth full of total nonsense in your down time.


Again, impressive.

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I hate Jews. Which candidate hates Jews again? Im for that guy.



None have professed any hatred for Jews.


You will have to either a. sit out the election b. try to read between the lines c. pick another issue of which to base your vote.what about limiting the rights of women? I'm for that guy. Help me out bro. Make mah vote count.


I will start a series on various important voting issues this evening.


I'll be sure to make that one of the first ones I cover.


And please try to speak intelligible English and not some uneducated garble.



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I go back and forth between the evils of the two parties.


Neither of the two major candidates appeal to a moderate. There is no real moderate candidate out there which is a problem.


Since the media does beyond a bad job in actually covering this election, I am still researching the candidates from other parties. I will probably end up voting for Gary Johnson if enough of his platforms align with what I would like.


Else I will vote for what we know in Obama as opposed to the constantly changing platform of Romney.

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Dr Beinfest loves to hear himself talk.



Which is why nothing ever gets accomplished in this nation that will truly benefit anyone.


Wow, I'm one influential guy then.





Trust me you are not the torch bearer.


Just one of the many sheep out there.


My fantasy football team's name is Angry Sheep's Empire!!




Yes yes yes!

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