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Minor League Free Agents


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The following Marlins minor league players will be free agents, not saying any would have been game changers or won't be back, but they're free to sign with any team at this point.

RHP: Rob Delaney, Gary Glover, Jon Link, Corey Madden, J.D. Martin, Omar Poveda, Robert Ray, Josh Schmidt.

LHP: Jose Alverez, Ramon Benjamin, Bobby Bramhall, Graham Taylor, Sean West

C: Cole Armstrong, Luke Montz, Clint Sammons

1b: Mike Cervanek, Curt Smith

2b:Jeff Dominguez, German Duran, Chase Lambin

3b:Shawn Bowman

SS:Chris Gutierrez

OF: Chris Aguila, Jose Duarte, Ryan Patterson

For a complete list of others check out Baseball America

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Brandon Wood, definitely. We need to create some competition at 3rd base if we're not going out and making a big move for A-Rod.


Ideally, Greg Dobbs could platoon at a few positions and Zachary Cox could play at least another season in the minors. He regressed from 2011 - 2012 so sticking him at the hot corner to start the season could be detrimental.

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