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Johnson, Buehrle, Reyes, Buck, Bonifacio to Toronto


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Honestly People, I think you are all over reacting. We got the Blue Jays #2, #5, and #8 Prospect, as well as a pretty decent shortstop. I feel like Reyes, Johnson, Buerhle, and Buck weren't going to be worth the money toward the end of the deals, however, I am mad we are getting rid of Boni. Other Than That, I think it's a pretty fair trade if the Blue Jays take on all the money.


Were you a fan for the first two fire sales?

We're not overreacting in any sense of the word. So what, we got their #2, 5 and 8 prospect ... We got SIX Top 100 prospects in 2007 for Cabrera and Willis, look how that turned out?

I was born in 1994. I've lived in South FLA my whole life. I have and will be always a Marlins Fan. And yes, the Detroit trade didn't work out. But, WE (Marlins Fans) have to be patient. OK, maybe in 2013, the team won't make the playoffs. But beyond that, who knows? This team could be able to contend by '14.



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I know that Beinfest said that we've strayed from our ways when it comes to competing with a smaller budget, but this is just ridiculous. Is their thought process basically "Dump any and everyone who has been on this team while we've been losing and start fresh with prospects"?


Yeah this will work out well...

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