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The Grass maybe green again soon

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As a Marlins fan I can't ever remember being this disheartened, frustrated, aggravated etc...

I was really thinking about tearing up all my Miami Marlins stuff and throwing it all away, but then a little light went on. I remember the Marlins are putting together a decent bunch of minor leaguers with Yelich, Fernandez, Ozuna, Barnes, Conley etc... They could actually be fairly decent in a couple of years if they and a couple of these Jays players develop also.

Of course this could be Charlie Brown trying to kick the football too!

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Our future stars have no relevance to this move.


The whole point behind the stadium was to have money to maintain a competitive baseball team. As our players develop, the you can start moving some pieces, especially if you are not winning championships. The concept of "as long as we can't win the WS, then why even try" is a death knell to the fans and attendance. Now sponsors will not spend money, fans will not go and revenue will decrease-then as a result, Loria will justify spending nothing. That is not how it is supposed to go.


The point of fans now will be "if you don't spend we won't come and spend" is justified. I do not know what else Loria would expect-otherwise he is severely damaged.

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The only "grass may be green" thing here is that hopefully Loria is planning on selling the team.



That is, and should be, the ONLY scenario. Anyone spending a dime on this team is just giving in to Loria. As a die hard fan since 93, nothing would make me happier than to see an empy Marlins Stadium come opening day 2013.

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