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2013 bold predictions


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Stanton cracks 40 HRs while batting around .280 and a .950 OPS.

Turner leads team in wins with 14-15

Polanco will bat around .285 and Pierre around .280

Lomo will hit 20 HRs if healthy

Yelich joins team in July, will OPS at .800

Cishek will have around 32 saves

Marlins will finish with 71 wins


I'm pretty sure this is a thread about bold predictions.

Your mom is a bold prediction.



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Guest Vince0926


I agree. Why not? 2012 orioles. 2012 a's. 91 braves and twins. 2003 marlins (19-29 start). 2007 Rockies. 2008 rays.....yeah I will take my chances with you and see the marlins at least surprising us with a push. The biggest and best thing that could have happened to us was letting go of Ozzie. The culture is flipped though yes I miss Reyes and bonifacio, this may be a blessing. Plus this year we don't need to worry about following the team through a stupid show on show time. Going to be an interesting year. Just got to have faith. To get people like us in the stands, to get recognition, to be on the cover of sports weeklys, sports illustrated, you have to win. No substitute for it. GO MARLINS. I rather be in our case then some team like dodgers because their expectations are so high, the pressure must be outrageous. Here we can sneak up on people.

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-Hechevarria puts up an .OBP below .300.

-Brantly puts up an .OBP below .320.

-Polanco misses at least half the season due to injuries.

-Ruggiano regresses. .OPS below .800.

-Morrison proves to be a platoon player.

-Solano struggles.



-Stanton leads the NL in .OPS.

-Pierre leads the NL in SB's.

-Cishek leads the NL in saves.

-AJ Ramos is our 2nd best reliever.

-Bullpen is top-5 in the NL.

-Josh Booty signs and does ok as our 5th starter.

-Turner, Alvarez, and Eovaldi all reach double-digit win totals with ERA's under 4.

-Chone Figgins gets a lot of starts at 2B and 3B and doesn't suck.

-Team wins more games than the 2012 version.


74-88 = my prediction.

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- Hitting: Biggest flaw the team will have. Close to last in runs scored. Stanton still manages to hit 30 homers.


- Pitching: Not completely horrible but below average. Turner puts up a decent 3.55 Era


- Defense: Actually pretty decent and will help the team win some close games.


- Bullpen: Pretty average bullpen, will do ok. Wears down towards the end.


- Yelich and Fernandez: called up in september. No need for them to be up this year.


- Total Wins: 54


- Overall: I hope I'm wrong.

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the Suns will be good




actually I'll reach and say Eovaldi and Brantly will do better than expected (and that does not mean Brantly equals 2012 numbers, I'll say something like .275/.350/.400, which would be just fine by me)


LoMo will not put it all together. Dunn will get sent down again but the rest of the guys will be solid so no one will miss him.

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