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Are Republicans Hypocrites?

Johnny Reb

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Its an honest question I raise. Let me put out a disclaimer here for minute first, I think both major political parties in the United States of America have lost their focus and are two groups of people who cater to the far fringe groups in their parties, thus neglecting the vast majority of people. Of course, the vast majority do not care, as evidenced by the results at election time.



Now having said that:


Sandy Relief voting:




Ted Cruz - Tx

Johny Cornyn - Tx

Tom Coburn - Ok

James Inhofe - Ok


Following the explosion caused by those morons running that plant in West, Texas Ted Cruz quickly requested aid for Texas. John Cornyn quickly did the same.


Following the tornadoes in Moore, Ok yesterday, Senators Coburn and Inhofe requested federal relief.



So Mr. Senator's, what is it? Is Federal Aid only something to be sought ONLY when it affects your home state? Or shouldnt we be more logical about things and realize that in times of disaster across this great nation, we should offer aid to our fellow citizens?


I know, the Sandy relief bill was full of pork. It goes back to how both parties are pandering to the fringes. There shouldnt have been any debate in the matter.


Hurricane struck the Eastern Seaboard, aid shouldnt have to be requested. The Senate and Congress as a whole should be rubber stamping all aid bills in times of crisis like this.


I mean hell, Congress rubber stamped two wars for most of the 2000s and didnt bother to ask for any sort of checks and balances.




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I think the Republican Party is an act of hypocrisy on a completely different account. Ideologically speaking, they demand limited control and a free thinking capitalist environment. Except for when you cross their bible -- lock up the chastity belt and beg god for his forgiveness you social gremlin. Pull those pants up, boy.

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I know, the Sandy relief bill was full of pork. It goes back to how both parties are pandering to the fringes. There shouldnt have been any debate in the matter.


You just answered why it wasn't hypocritical in this instance. How you make this topic acknowledging this is baffling.


And how you just include republicans only is equally baffling. Look up the NDAA, Obama's handling of gitmo, the AP phone tappings that just occurred, the somehow-overlooked change in philosophy regarding wars now that Obama is President, Obama's relationship to lobbyists despite condemning older presidents relationships, and drone strikes.


Both parties are a fucking joke, but I like republicans better. At least they've got a wing of their party that is ideologically consistent. Democrats across the board are philosophically inconsistent, not to mention flawed.

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