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Harvey partially tears UCL


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Or maybe it's the way pitchers are conditioned these days? Maybe it's been slightly torn for a while? Things happen, like I said.


I like what Mark Mulder said: "you either get lucky or you don't." The throwing motion of a pitch (and throwing of a baseball in general) is NOT a natural movement as it is, things like this just happen.

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I'm not convinced that's true. There's probably a bunch of rising talents we never hear about because they were injured and out of baseball before procedures like Tommy John were invented.


I'm also not so sure that throwing a 95 MPH fastball with consistency was always as important back in the day as it is today.

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Kershaw had an arm injury?



I guess whomever made that list is counting his hip injury last year as one.



And I may have missed it, but when did Beckett have an arm injury prior to 24? I know he had blister issues in 2004, but prior to that, I may be ignorant to this. Did Lincecum have an arm injury prior to 24? Hamels, Gio ...?


List seems a little sketchy, but OK.


In any case ... they throw hard, yeah, and have sharp breaking balls. Seriously, Mark Mulder said it best, you either get lucky or you don't. I don't want it to happen, but if it happens, it happens.

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